Half Day Personal Shopping.


TIME: 3-4 hours including consultation


This experience starts with an image consultation prior to the shopping. This can take place on the day of the shopping or at an agreed date beforehand.
I will meet you at the shopping location we have decided upon and put the shopping plan agreed at the image consultation into action. We will visit several stores and I will show you how to navigate the different layouts, which shops are good for certain items,  how to find what you need. I will pull lots of different items of clothing and accessories to create complete looks for you. You can relax in the changing room while I do all the running around getting the correct sizes  for you. There is no obligation on you to purchase anything, I am not incentivised by any store or brand to try to sell you clothes. At the end of the session I will go through all your purchases with you to ensure that you understand how to put everything together to create complete outfits.

This is a personal shopper for you, not a personal shopper for the shop.